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Our Mission at Laya Events is to empower our community and peers by involving them in empowerment and inspirational events. We have a strong commitment to the communities in which we work and live. Below are just a few of our community’s organizations to which we have committed our time and energy. If you are interested in our work, we would love to connect you with these deserving causes.


Formed in 2020, LAYA C.A.R.E.S. was created to empower women and adolescent girls to be confident and gain skills necessary  become influential leaders in their communities. 

Female About Business (FAB) Networking Group

FAB was founded in 2016 and was officially launched March 2018 as an outlet for women to inspire and support one another. We provide networking connections that support, enrich, and inspire women to advance professionally and personally.

Laya's Community Closet

We are dedicated to assisting women in need with work-related clothing for job interviews and first days on the job. Our hopes are to boost morale, increase self-confidence, and empower adolescents and women who have experienced transitions in life

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